Christchurch Lib Dem Campaign kicks off

Focus Leaflets for Lib Dems Campaign

The campaign to get Mike Cox elected as the new MP for Christchurch and East Dorset kicked off at the AGM. We have a loyal and committed team of volunteers who will be pounding the streets of Christchurch and East Dorset with our Stop Brexit leaflets. If you would like to help or want to add a poster in your window then please get in touch as we have a whopping 15,000 leaflets to deliver by the 12 December so we will need all the help we can muster.

Our current MP is Sir Christopher Chope and if you do not know who he is then here is his voting record.

Here is why Mike Cox is standing.

People ask me why I am standing for election as the Member of Parliament for Christchurch & East Dorset…

I firmly believe our next MP must work hard for the issues and the policies which are important to local residents, including …

  • The quality of education in our schools and colleges
  • The state of our NHS which we all use
  • The reliability and cost of our transport network including our bus services
  • The development of our town centres including restoring our Post Offices and protecting valued local amenities like the Barrington Centre in Ferndown

I appreciate these concerns as I, personally, live in Hurn with my wife, Fiona, and our family. In total we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. However, actions speak louder than words, so, for many years, I have got involved in the communities I’ve lived in – over the years, I have:

  • acted as a School and College governor for 25 years,
  • served as a London Councillor for 8 years
  • worked for several local charities and
  • this year I was elected as a Christchurch Town Councillor for Priory ward and BCP Councillor for Christchurch Town ward

Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant who set up his own business and built it into a national practice and am now involved as a non executive in businesses ranging from finance to engineering.
So… Why Vote Liberal Democrat?

  • We will stop Brexit by revoking Article 50 and start addressing the problems of inequality, climate change and investment in infrastructure, building a fairer, more sustainable country
  • We will put billions into our NHS and Schools, but we will show how we will pay for this.
  • We will protect the vulnerable in society, expanding mental health care, protecting our adult social care and keeping pensions safe.

Liberal Democrats demand better for Britain. We want a Britain which is Open, Tolerant and United.

On election day you will have a Choice – Make it the Right Choice.

Change the future of Britain by voting for Mike Cox – the New Voice of Christchurch and East Dorset.

Find out more from our Mike Cox Facebook Page


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