Mike Cox Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for 2024 Westminster Elections

29 Dec 2023
Mike Cox PPC 2024

I am very pleased to report that Hurn Resident, Mike Cox has been selected to be our PPC for the General Election, anticipated to be held in 2024.

Most of you will know Mike as a current BCP and Christchurch Town Councillor and local activist and he is also Vice Chair of our Executive Committee. He fought the seat in 2019 and increased our vote share but could not at that time displace the incumbent Tory MP, Sir Christopher Chope, who has one of the largest Conservative majorities in the Country. To displace him will not be an easy task but given the current state of the Conservative party nationally this will be possibly our best chance in some time to send him packing!

Whenever the Election is held next year, we hope that Mike can count on the support of all our Members to help him to run the best possible campaign and achieve the best possible result for the Liberal Democrats.