The #nopetochope campaign

Art installation #nopetochope

Absolutely love this installation by the talented Lorna Rees of knickers fame. It's been too long a free ride for Sir Christopher of Christchurch. #votelibdem for a Brighter Future.

The talented Lorna Rees has created a number of different chairs that will be scattered around Christchurch with slogans such as 'Don't keep Chope sitting pretty' and 'Vote chairfully'.

The chair-based #NopeToChope #SafeSeatCampaign is becoming popular amoung local residents.

"We're asking people to take a moment to reflect if someone with Chope's views really represents them, their interests, or the interests of their family and friends (thinking in particular of any among those who are female, not heterosexual, young, disadvantaged in some way, or live on Earth and might be impacted by climate breakdown)."

Say #nopetochope and vote Liberal Democrats

We're reminding people of the comfortable majority Chope is sitting on. It seems certain he will be returned to Parliament, it would be nice to put a good dent in that. If you find yourself disagreeing with him, we encourage you to get out and vote, and get out the vote.

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