Stop Brexit

In another fantastic evening for the Liberal Democrats we succeeded in the European elections, getting two MEPS elected, Caroline Voaden MEP and Martin Horwood MEP.

At a time when the debate is becoming polarised, it became clear that the Liberal Democrat message of STOP BREXIT! is getting across. The Tories are to be heading off to the far right, following the lead of Mr Farage and the Labour Party continues to confuse everyone on its position.

At the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Euro campaign launch, BCP Leader Vikki Slade along with Cllrs Mike Cox and Michael Tarling met with LibDem MP Wera Hobhouse who told supports: "Its not a done deal yet! We were supposed to have left the EU by now, but here we are on the beach still no further on than we were 3 years ago".


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