Former conservative councillor and outgoing deputy president of the National Farmers Union joins the Liberal Democrats


Stuart Roberts joined the Liberal Democrats having been a conservative Councillor in Hertfordshire and deputy president of the Farmers Union.

The post-Brexit Trade deals have adversely affected farmers across the country with farming incoming dropping by £60 million year on year in the South of England alone.

Protecting Farmers funding

The Liberal Democrats are committed to ensuring farmers do not lose a penny of funding they get for protecting the natural landscapes.

The Liberal Democrats are fighting to stop low quality foreign imports undercutting the high standards of British produced foods while putting food security and sustainability at the heart of future food and farming policy.

Health and Education in rural areas

There is a commitment by the Lid Dems to ensuring rural communities get the health and education services they need to survive and prosper.

Food and Farming Working Group

Stuart has been invited to join the party’s new Food and Farming Working Group designed to the party develop policy that protects farming and farming communities.

“British farmers and food producers are among the best in the world, and they are ready to deliver high-quality, sustainable food produced in harmony with the environment and animal welfare,” he said.

“Yet time and time again this government has badly let down farmers and rural communities.”

Farmers let down by the Tories

A survey by Farmers Weekly showed 57% were willing to vote Tory in December last year compared to 72% the year before.

The Governments direction on Trade and the lack of support for the pig farming crises were of particular concern.



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