Druitt Hall Saga - proposal to demolish

Independent Councillors led by Cllr Jones and McCormack proposing to demolish Druitt Hall and replace it with a 2 story modern construction partly as offices for the Town Council.

Christchurch Town Council own Druitt Hall as part of its inheritance from Christchurch Borough Council. The Druitt Hall Community Association lease the building for a nominal rent. The lease runs for another 5 years.

The Association and its volunteers have spent considerable time and money renovating and upgrading this important community asset.


Agreement was made to invest in Druitt Hall to extend it's life

At a resources committee of the Town Council it was unanimously agreed to spend £60k to replace the windows which would have helped extend the life of the building by up to 30 years.

At a packed Council meeting a few independent councillors led by Cllr Jones and McCormack reversed this decision and proposed the building be flattened and replaced by a 2 story modern construction partly as offices for the Town Council.

This would cost up the Council over £1.5m


Community Organisations need a home

Cllr Mike Cox and Cllr Michael Tarling opposed this move stating

"The Druitt Hall Association have worked wonders restoring this building for the benefit of the Community. It beggars belief that some want to tear it down, spend millions replacing it and leave many community organisations homeless for years"


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