Controversy surrounds decision by Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole (BCP) to approve 2 loans totally £11.4 million

Boscombe Development

Controversy surrounds a decision by Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole (BCP) to approve 2 loans totally £11.4 million to an urban regeneration company, set up by the council.

BCP FuturePlaces Directors include council leader Drew Mellor and deputy Philip Broadhead.

Therefore, BCP Councillors have set up a private organization to pay themselves to advise themselves on building developments. 

What is Futureplaces?

FuturePlaces is tasked with advising the council on how to develop it's land assets. They are currently looking at 15 possible sites for regeneration.

FuturePlaces will be able to payback the £11.4 million from the profits it will make for giving the “council professional advise”.

Proposed areas for development:

  • Beach Road car park
  • Bournemouth International Centre/ Bournemouth ARC
  • Winter Gardens
  • Boscombe
  • Poole Old Town & Quay
  • Christchurch Civic Centre
  • Heart of Poole
  • Carters Quay
  • Poole Civic Centre
  • Turlin Moor
  • Wessex Fields
  • Port of Poole
  • Constitution Hill
  • Extra Care Village
  • Cotlands Road


Conflict of Interest

Their positions on the council and their roles as Directors of FuturePlaces, it seems unlikely they will not fail to pay themselves for poor advice if projects fail to offer and tangible benefits to the community.


How is the money being spent

Questions have already risen into the spending of the £11.4 million on big salaries of those concerned.

  • Managing Director Gail Mayhew is paid £150,000
  • Chief Operating Officer Craig Beevers is paid £145,000
  • Corporate engagement Directory James Crocker £100,000


Councils £50 million deficit

There are concerns about the councils existing £50 million deficit and how this is to be paid.

There is no provision for potential losses from this project and that the FuturePlaces project needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.




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